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Telco Customer Management

Eighty percent to ninety percent of Telco profits come from 20 to 40 percent of customers. This type of information is not typically divulged using traditional accounting methods. Without this intelligence, most telecommunications companies allocate indirect expenses to products or service lines using volume-based averages. This approach fails to provide an accurate view of the cost to attract, service and retain at an individual customer.

Customer Management Solutions do provide this level of granularity, thus providing essential business intelligence upon which to make more profitable service decisions.

For Telcos and mobile operators, customer experience management is the new critical success factor. With a large percentage of customers using complex new services, treating each one intelligently and sensitively is a major challenge. This is compounded through siloed legacy systems for web, contact centre and in-store interactions. As a result, most telcos and mobile operators struggle to:

  • Get a single view of the customer to inform all interactions
  • Respond quickly and effectively to service demands
  • Understand customer segments and their needs
  • Analyse traffic and interaction data to identify and prevent churn


CM with CRM

A Customer Management solution works with existing CRM software to design and deliver better interactions based on predictive customer analytics. The outcomes:

  1. Reduce customer churn and increase revenue
  2. Improve customer insight to support better customer interaction
  3. Improve modelling for more profitable customer experience campaigns
  4. Create rore profitable customer relationships, even in the first 90 days

Profitable Customer Management requires advanced analytic business intelligence integrated with sophisticated marketing communications.

Relevant, timely and profitable customer conversations enables Telcos to grow valuable individual customer relationships with true one-to-one marketing.

There's no magic recipe for maximising loyalty and profitability. The key is to consistently maximise value throughout the customer lifecycle - from prospecting, acquisition, customer care, through retention & loyalty programmes, and loss & win-back.


Telco Benefits of Customer Management Solutions

By managing the customer across all touchpoints and every front line employee, Telcos stand the best chance to maximise customer loyalty and value, including:

  • Intelligence driven marketing
  • Service convergence and bundling
  • Insight driven customer service
  • Personalized web-based self service
  • Integrated loyalty programmes
  • Single view of the customer


Customer Management [CM] Solutions

Teradata Customer Management [CM] Solutions quickly and effectively resolve the Telco business challenges surrounding customer value, acquisition, growth and retention — while also generating rapid and dramatic ROI.

Gartner has ranked Teradata CM Solution in the CRM leaders quadrant for three consecutive years.

A recent release, Teradata Relationship Manager contains other features to extend the ability to intelligently interact with customers.

Portrait Customer Experience Management Solution - based on a revolutionary Customer Interaction Optimization platform built in the Microsoft .NET environment. Customers include BT Retail, Eircom, Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Verizon, and Proximus.

See CRM Solutions

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