Manufacturing BI Solution Requirements

Industry Vertical Solutions

  • Teradata - Teradata's Manufacturing Logical Data Model matches supply with demand and drives more efficient operations throughout the entire manufacturing organization.
  • SAS
  • BusinessObjects


Bottom Up BI Solutions

  • Microsoft PerformancePoint Server


Operational BI Vendors

  • Cognos - provides a suite of Performance Blueprints to help manufacturers quickly address planning and performance management processes. Blueprints consist of targeted, pre-built data, process, and policy models based on proven best practices in manufacturing operations, sales, marketing, and finance. Modules: Trade Promotions, Sales Promotions, Sales & Operation Planning.
  • Business Objects
  • SAS
  • Teradata


Point Solution Vendors


Informatica PowerAnalyzer - analyzes purchasing data to ensure that buyers are fully leveraging negotiated deals by automatically alerts buyers when they exceed spending thresholds that entitle the company to discounts.

CombineNet - an electronic expressive bidding tool that gives suppliers the power to change economic order quantities, product bundling, delivery routes and timing or other variables to optimize efficiency.

SAS 9 - promises "fit to task" intelligence, with total enterprise data focused to supporting one functional area of the business.

Relevant Business Wizard and Predictive Analytics

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