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Teradata Warehouse 12.0

Teradata Warehouse 12.0 is a powerful data warehousing solution that supports business intelligence capability from both traditional analytical applications and new operational analytical applications.

Enhancements in previous versions of Teradatas Warehouse suite made it easier for businesses to integrate Teradata into their overall enterprise, offering:

  • Good performance improvement
  • Easy integration into corporate Microsoft Windows Active Directory services using Infrastructure using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [LDAP]

Warehouse 8.0 readily integrated with a complete range of business intelligence [BI] applications, for example using Teradata’s BEA WebLogic integration, enterprises can implement a secure, high-performance operational CRM system.

Warehouse 12.0 adds to that integration capability with another step forward in performance, to easily handle real-time, operational BI needs.

This continual innovation path by Teradata keeps it in the lead for data warehouses that must handle queries demanding large data volumes and/or complex data queries.


Meeting OBI Needs

According to recent benchmark research by Ventana Research, most operational workers need data to be updated at least once a day, some more than one update an hour.

Data warehouses must evolve to become enterprise hubs, managing a continuous information flow to satisfy the requirements of all users and business processes.

Teradatas DW solutions have always focused on analytical applications, rather than OLTP.

Its 'active data warehousing' technology addresses demand for operational BI and real-time analytics. It supports loading of 'active' operational data, providing immediate access to users to see results more quickly.

Teradata has also added in DW 12.0 master data management (MDM) and workload management in its information management portfolio technology.

Teradata DW 12.0 capability allows:

  • Communications service providers to identify fraud in near real time
  • Sales staff to adjust pricing to drive better profitability
  • Campaign managers to adjust campaigns on the fly for improved ROI
  • Support staff to leverage event-based marketing opportunities

No longer as data warehouses advanced databases, they are active in the front line of business to deliver real insight and decsion making support.


Faster Processing & Loading

Enterprise Data Warehouse 12.0 addresses loading and related challenges through faster loading and internal processing.


Improved processing allows customers to handle more workloads on existing systems rather than buying additional Teradata system nodes.


Its massively parallel processing [MPP] database engine improves ELT loading of data into staging tables to speed up transformation.

Loading performance has also been improved through Teradatas partnership with continuous availability specialist GoldenGate Software. This supports the capture of data from non-Teradata databases such as Oracle and trickle-feed it into a Teradata enterprise data warehouse.

Queries and Updates

To speed up queries and updates, the 12.0 release:

  • Can scan entire tables that may contain terabytes of data.
  • Has improved system abilities to collect statistics about query plans and use the database engine’s optimizer to rewrite queries for better performance
  • Provides event-based workload management - one of the most important elements of the new release.

Workload Management

Workload management automates steps that database administrators normally perform manually to ensure resources are available for important users and queries and are released for other workloads when no longer needed.

Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and others, are diversifying the options.

The 12.0 release presents a strong case for deploying its technology to handle both operational BI and real-time analytics.



Teradata partners with a wide range of leading software vendors that have tested and validated that their software as compatible with Teradata Warehouse 8.0:

  • Ab Initio
  • Ambeo
  • Ascential
  • Atanasoft
  • BEZ
  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • DecisionPoint Software
  • ETI
  • GoldenGate
  • Hyperion
  • Informatica
  • KXEN
  • MicroStrategy
  • Prescient
  • SAS
  • Siebel Systems
  • Ward Analytics


Teradata continues to innovate, "furthering the shared vision of active data warehousing to deliver timely and relevant insights to everyone across the enterprise".

Teradata 12.0 builds on the strengths of an enterprise data warehouse, delivering unique capability in delivering enterprise intelligence through Active Data Warehouse technology.

ADW technologies allow enterprises to deliver Strategic and Operational intelligence in a single system.

Teradata technology has the ability to simultaneously handle different types of queries, such as near-real time access for front-line workers to complex inquiries supporting strategic business intelligence.

Teradata solution components include:

  1. Teradata Database Software
  2. Teradata Tools and Utilities
  3. Teradata Advanced Analytics
  4. Teradata Servers & Enterprise Storage
  5. Professional Services

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