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Netezza Performance Server [NPS]

Netezza NPS

The Netezza Performance Server [NPS] system was the first enterprise-class data warehouse appliance to solve the terascale data warehouse challenge without compromising on performance, ease-of-use or on the level of data being analyzed.

NPS claims to deliver "10-50 times the query speed at half the cost of competing solutions".

Netezza's approach is fundamentally different from other DW vendors, in respect of its affordability and the impressive speed of itsIntelligent Query Streaming technology.

The NPS system is a fully-integrated data warehouse appliance that consists of:

  • A host computer
  • Arrays of hot-swappable mirrored storage
  • Custom chips
  • Network switches

By architecturally integrating database, server and storage within a single appliance, this powerful system manages data flows and process queries at the disk level.

NPS delivers breakthrough performance, easy deployment and operation, and innovative flexibility and scalability at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.


Benefits of NPS Appliance

Technical and Financial

  • Costs about half of that of existing data warehouse systems.
  • Delivers 10-100 times performance for data warehouse/BI applications.
  • Supports Near Time Data Analysis - allowing more in-depth and profitable business analysis.
  • Compatability with existing tools, applications and data - uses open standards such as ODBC, JDBC and SQL
  • Out of box integration with BI applications from Business Objects and Vibrant
  • Offers lowest Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] for large integrated data warehouses and intensive BI analysis, - due to large savings in capital and operating expenditures [around 50% of cost of standard enterprise data warehousing systems
  • Reduces ongoing intensive labor administration activity.
  • Capable of scaling to hundreds of terabytes of data - also scales in processing
    performance to power critical BI applications.


The technical benefits above directly translate into real business benefits through the improved real time analytical tasks capability to:

Revenue Assurance - identify revenue leakages and uncover billable interconnect services that previously went undetected. This is achieved by detecting improper switch behavior early and tightening switch-to-billing management

Reducing Churn - by navigating through daily CDRs to identify profitable customers, then modeling customer behavior to spot usage trends that can predict churn

Enhancing CRM Initiatives - for more targeted marketing and services and more profitable pricing plans

Network Performance - performing in-depth traffic and usage pattern analysis to reduce operational failures and costs associated with them.

Performing analysis of historical data based on months of network operation data at the CDR level to identify trends that enable carriers to detect service problems and bottlenecks

Fraud Prevention - using auditing and analytics to detect fraudulent activities by comparing rules and profiles to quickly identify new patterns and prevent revenue erosion

Least Cost Routing - comparing day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month activity to detect trends that impact network utilization and profitability


Netezza in Telecommunications

The NPS appliance gives carriers a platform for performing complex BI queries against billions of CDRs within minutes or seconds, versus hours or days.

The NPS appliance is enabling telecommunications carriers to comprehensively analyze billions of CDRs in real-time to make better informed and more proactive business decisions.

NPS supports telecom BI applications from vendors such as Business Objects and Vibrant Solutions, with data-intensive BI analyses at speed and performance up to 100 times that of most other solutions.

Ideally, carriers could store and analyze CDR-level data, together with data from all other sources, in a consolidated terascale data warehouse. Netezza’s data warehouse appliance makes this possible for billions of records.

The breakthrough performance of the NPS system allows complex queries to be processed in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days.


Case Studies

Large Wireless Carrier Uses the NPS System to Perform Real-Time CRM Analyses and Reduce Churn

Using highly accurate churn prediction models that:

  1. Find customer call patterns and usage habits. To be most effective, these analyses should be based on at least 12 months of customer data.
  2. Perform financial analyses to define customer profitability (typically 20% of the customers represent 80% of revenues)
  3. Execute customer analyses to determine the impact of price/offering changes on customer usage behavior
  4. Find key triggering events in the carrier-customer relationship that have dramatic impact on the customer call patterns and usage behavior.

Read more on Telco Customer Churn Case Study


Major Carrier Proactively Addresses Revenue Leakage

Revenue leakage is an ongoing profitability threat and a $100B industry problem. Inter-carrier settlements can represent up to 50% of operating costs.

The Revenue Assurance process compares delivered transactions with invoiced transactions, and identifies missing or lost revenues to recoup any lost revenue.

Read more on Revenue Leakage Case Study


NPS and Vibrant Solutions’ HyperAnalytics

There is value in call detail information for:

  • CRM
  • Revenue assurance
  • Fraud detection
  • Network usage analysis

Performing real-time analysis on massive volumes of call detail data using complex queries requires signficantly more performance than legacy general-purpose systems provide. Such complete detailed network auditing and analysis requires processing acceleration that only systems like NPS can perform.

Vibrants HyperAnalytics application identifies lost usage event records by:

  1. Capturing and processing event records and analyzing patterns across the entire network in near real-time.
  2. Analyzing all the usage along the switch-to-bill path to determine when and where leakage occurs.
  3. Take corrective action and quickly minimize the amount of lost revenue


Netezza And BI Applications

Effective BI programs for telecommunications put heavy demands on data warehousing and BI systems.

Netezzas high-performance enterprise-class data warehouse appliance maximizes the impact of BI by eliminating barriers to accessing and analyzing dynamic, detailed information.

Netezza’s Asymmetric Massively Parallel ProcessingTM (AMPPTM) architecture, is designed for high performance and scalability to dramatically reduce the latency of complex BI analysis.

Netezza Website


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