Is Your Data Too Big For You?

9:24 pm Analytics, Big Data

Most companies are drowning in their own transactional data, let alone worrying about Big Data. Big Data is too diverse to be analyzed using conventional methods. Extracting value from Big Data takes a new mind set and a new toolset. So is it worth it?

According to those who have taken the step – the answer is yes. Over 45% of big data is being used for marketing; to create personalized customer experiences, to gain insight into how social influence is affecting customer behavior, and to optimize multi-channel marketing spend using highly targeted messaging.

The ability to detect early warning signals is proving to be a revolutionary guide to developing new products and services. Businesses have always known that these signals, or triggers were out there – but had no way to capture them, and connect them in a meaningful way. Big Data tools have changed that.

Digital marketing is still growing rapidly – forecast to grow from $34B to $76 B by 2016. It is providing evidence of impact footprints not previously measurable.

The cautionary note is that implementing the tools is a lot easier than changing the mindset of users. Adopting a culture of data-driven decision making takes time – and for many managers, a leap of faith. In a world already shattered by uncertainty, this is not an easy leap. But the dividends seem to be paying off.

Do you have experiences with using Big Data effectively you can share?

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