New Releases in The Logical Organization Management Insight Series

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I am really excited to announce the release of two new additions to the TLO Management Insight Series:

  • Leading With SPI
  • Getting to Cloud

Leading with SPI – Driving Productivity and Profit using Strategic Performance Improvement

Leading with SPI - Driving Productivity and Profit using Strategic Performance Improvement

Leading with SPI provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to driving better strategic definition and more effective and efficient strategic execution. Using the powers of business intelligence, the key decisions of the business are focused around those points where real improvement can be made. SPI transforms the outlook of business leaders from a backward facing measurement system using traditional lagging indicators, to a more future focused KPI based performance improvement capability that delivers more opportunities to improve and move ahead of competition.

SPI starts with deconstruction of measurable strategic objectives to help focus the business on what’s most important, and by following a simple process, identifies the questions that must be answered at each key decision point.

The KPI used to measure performance are grouped around these key decision points, ensuring that what must be done, gets measured. And, gets focused upon!

Find out more about Leading with SPI by clicking here.

Getting to Cloud – Discovering New Business Opportunities with Cloud Computing

Getting to Cloud - Discovering New Business Opportunities with Cloud Computing

Cloud is the missing power base that underpins data warehouses and advanced analytics. So many businesses are either prevented from implementing BI solutions or stall early into the project through the lack of processing power or clean data quality management. Cloud provides the opportunity to leverage the significant benefits of BI, without reliance on outdated, overloaded IT infrastructures.

Cloud computing is so much more than a power base for BI – with its foundation in virtualization technology, it is the platform that will transform the competitive base of business. No longer will small businesses be constrained in competing against their larger competitors through lack of IT resources. Cloud remedies that.

Cloud also impacts the IT reseller market – rather than disintermediation of resellers, Cloud offers an expanse of new service and product opportunities that were previously beyond the technical or financial scope.

Getting to Cloud looks at the questions both buyers and sellers need to be asking themselves right NOW. It provides detailed ROI case analysis and savings data for use in business cases…and so much more.

Find out more about Getting to Cloud by clicking here

Businesses Not Leveraging Their Performance Technology

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It astounds me that even in these disquietening times that businesses are not leveraging their assets as well as they should be. In spite of investment in BI remaining reasonably steady, the business utilization of BI solutions remains relatively low. After a review across studies and articles to validate my own findings the general status quo is:

  • Business executives are still not recognizing the strategic competitive advantage that analytics tools provide, and only half of executives admit to being reasonably technology savvy in using the tools they have
  • Of those users who are engaging with BI tools – only slightly over 10% are using them effectively
  • And only one quarter of executives consider themselves sufficiently educated in business technology

For many companies today – the power is in the information they have about their markets and customers. Yet for most companies it seems that power is neither tapped or controlled. Until executives recognize the need to gain more insight into advanced technology and how it can be used to energize their current performance, this situation is unlikely to change. Too many still see technology as an underlying corporate facility that manages communications and hosts standard operational software. Yet IT has quietly bubbled its way up from the basement to the boardroom, to be one of the most powerful strategic assets a business can have.

I guess if todays older executives refuse to engage with their technology assets, companies will have to suffer the bland performance of today, until their current executive team is replaced by younger generations who recognize the value and engage enthusiastically with IT.