Business Intelligence Back to Top of CIO Mind

11:06 pm BI Strategy

A recent survey by PC World shows that Business Intelligence [BI] is once again ‘top of mind’ for CIO’s. After slipping down to the number 2 spot below virtualization it seems BI has bubbled back up to the surface. Whilst the survey editorial acknowledges that this may be purely because most server virtualization has now been completed, it also alludes to the lack of ROI on BI programs being the cause for the drop.

Personally, I see virtualization and MDM programs as part of the BI strategy in making good quality data available at high performance levels. Rather than being separate, competing initiatives, they are merely projects along the BI continuum.

However, I do believe that insufficient thought is given to education in BI strategy and dashboard design. Both of these factors lead to significantly lower value outcomes for investment in BI.

A couple of resources to help remedy that:

For those of you earlier in the BI intiative and need a full guide across all elements of BI, including strategy, data, software selection, and how best to use BI tools in your business, then The Logical Organization is the full strategic guide for you.

What are your thoughts on how well BI projects are performing? Please add your comment below.


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