Big Data Analytics – Moving From Prediction to Possibility

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To date, BI analytics tools have largely been used on historical data to predict likely outcomes of various use case scenarios. In such instances, the use of historical data adds a dimension of probability to the statistical realm.

Big data is not historical data – it is Now Data – and rather than be bound by prediction, or even by probability, Big Data Analytics takes a look at the possible.

One of my gripes with so-called ‘men of science’ is that they refuse to accept that something is possible unless there is a way to define it in terms of empirical evidence that can be replicated with consistent outcomes. Whilst I understand the value of ’empirical science’ for many instances, I don’t feel comfortable with such a closed-minded approach to everything.

My belief is – ‘just because no-one has yet determined how to measure something, or indeed replicate its existence or impact, doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t exist’, or is not possible.

Finally with Big Data Analytics, I feel my view is gaining substance. There are a number of scientists today researching Quantum Physics who also stand beside me – they know that certain things occur in fields of energy, they just cannot replicate it in a way that enables them to define it with certainty or at least control it with reasonable probability.

Are we finally moving along the continuum from Prediction > Probability > Possibility?

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