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Corporate Objectives

Corporate objectives define how the business is going to achieve its strategy.

Everything the organisation does should be aligned to one or more corporate objectives. Each objective should have one to three Key Performance Indicators [KPI's] to identify the progress of the organisation in meeting the objective. Activities and measures relating to objectives generally involved three elements:

  1. People - who will complete the action
  2. Process - how the action will be completed
  3. Technology - tools used to complete the action and capture data pertaining to that action.

Maintaining alignment to corporate objectives is a constant process, that requires access to insightful performance data. A powerful tool to facilitate this capability is the scorecard.



A corporate scorecard is a collection of information aligned to an organization’s strategic objectives, enabling people in the organization to see how their goals and activities correlate with the company’s goals.

Scorecards help articulate strategy across the business, and can be used to implement this strategy through the entire organisation using monitored and measured action.

Scorecards also help to demonstrate how to achieve objectives across these three domains and measure performance at a corproate level. They provide a pragmatic and complete solution.


Dashboards, also display performance, at a business unit, team or individual performance level. Dashboards have analytic capability to not only veiw performance to date, but to identify trends that may indicate opportunties or threats in the future.

Business Intelligence [BI] tool integrate KPI's into their solutions.

Scorecards and Dashboards are only part of a total BI Solution. For this reason, The Business Intelligence Guide will refer to these products as BI Tools, rather than totally integrated BI Solutions [which generally include a Data Server, BI Engine, BI Development Tools and Presentation Application].

By integrating scorecards into BI, users gain more insight into the business, can turn insight into action and are better able to execute strategic and tactical plans. More on Dashboards.


Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard aligns the activities of the business to the strategic goals of the organisation through four value categories:

  1. Financial
  2. Customer
  3. Internal [Processes]
  4. Learning and Growth [Innovation]

Scorecard Solutions

Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005

Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager [BSM] 2005 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 include comprehensive scorecard and dashboard solutions, integrated with Microsoft BI.

Microsoft PerformancePoint 2007

Microsoft PerformancePoint 2007 replaces BSM, as well as providing integrated analytic services the ProClarity capability. The PerformancePoint model is designed to enable business users to easily build performance dashboards and scorecards to monitor and take action in a familiar and collaborative environment. More on PerformancePoint 2007

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