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Microstrategy Mobile BI

Microstrategy is one of the leaders in extending business intelligence to mobile devices.

Most businesses recognize the enhanced value of providing rapid access to business intelligence reports and dashboards to their executives, workforce, suppliers, and business partners. In the past, small screens and low processing power frustrated this scenario, however, with the advance in BI technology solutions and mobile devices, these constraints are falling away. Powerful app-phones and tablets that integrate sensor technologies, such as GPS, cameras, and multi-touch screens, make it much easier to quickly query vast volumes of data..

Mobile business intelligence is a logical extension of traditional business intelligence, and MicroStrategy's architecture has been engineered to provide the speed and scalability to support the escalating demands of mobile BI applications. MicroStrategy Mobile inherits the core strengths of the MicroStrategy 9 platform to provide an enterprise-grade foundation for mobile applications.

MicroStrategy Mobile

MicroStrategy Mobile extends existing MicroStrategy projects to the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. The implementation and deployment process can be done in only a few days. This is largely due to the way MicroStrategy Mobile is assembled in a point-and-click fashion - no coding required.

MicroStrategy Mobile provides the infrastructure needed to support each new mobile app and the metadata-driven design approach supports portability between platforms, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, web browsers, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows.

The latest release of MicroStrategy Mobile fully leverages the native capabilities of the iPhone and iPad to provide a more intuitive business intelligence optimized for mobile users. For instance:

  • Integrated Mapping - out of box integration with Google maps
  • Multi-touch - leverages the new Apple multi-touch gestures, such as swipe, tap, flick, and rotate, to make data navigation easier.
  • BI-specific Gestures - such as drilling and paging extend native iPhone functionality to enhance data exploration.
  • App Integration - application functionality can be extended by directly integrating with other on-device apps, including e-mail, browser, and text messaging; third-party apps such as social networks or payment solutions; and existing enterprise systems or data sources.
  • Sensor-based Query - integrated with on-device sensors, such as the GPS receiver, accelerometer, and bar code reader
  • Mobile Information Capture - rapid capture of information from on-device sensors, such as a camera or bar code reader, reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • High Performance - uses multi-level caching, an in-memory data structure, and a high efficiency network interchange.
  • Comprehensive Security - designed to ensure the privacy and security of data outside the corporate walls, with all BI data automatically wiped every time the app is closed or the device is locked or powered off. Data encryption prevents penetration attacks for mobile BI apps.
  • High Scale Operation - can support tens of thousands of users with fewer CPU's and easy to use administration tools.

Free MicroStrategy Mobile Suite

The free MicroStrategy Mobile Suite contains 25 perpetual named user licenses of MicroStrategy Mobile, a full set of development tools, online training, and technical support, all at no cost.

Get more on free MicroStrategy Mobile Suite

MicroStrategy Mobile iPhone App at Apple App Store

The MicroStrategy Mobile iPhone app is now available on the Apple App store. Included are three demo datasets, including Restaurant Trends, Casino Management, and Retail Performance Management. Download here .

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